U5 & 6 Task 5- Performance Solution


  1. My first problem was writing up Juno’s monologue. In order for the monologue to work it had to feel real and I have never been in Juno’s position before. So the issue was that I didn’t know how it felt to be pregnant at 16 and to give up that baby for adoption, the solution was allot of research into what teen mothers who had given up their baby for adoption feel like after and when they particularly feel grief towards their decision along with closed adoption and how it effects the birth mother. This is a problem I expected to face and the solution was a permanent solution because once I had a better understanding on the psychological effects of what Juno had to go through I managed to write a monologue that suited her character and also showed that she was grieving.
  2. My next challenge was how I was going to move Juno around the stage. The monologue I had written gives Juno no reason to have to move around the space. I was just standing and not only did it look static and boring I began to move unnaturally and it felt awkward. The solution was to experiment with moving around the space and asking people to observe whether it looks right. This is a problem I didn’t think I would face until I read the monologue, the solution was permanent because I got used to the pattern however I must be careful and make sure the movement doesn’t look too planned.
  3. Another problem I faced is volume, speed and the accent. Juno is an American film so I need an American accent, I watched the film several times and repeated lines and then carried on into the monologue while keeping the accent up, this is a problem that I will face during rehearsal and the performance but I need to perfect the accent, this ties into the volume problem, the monologue is emotional yet funny in it’s own way and some phrases are better said quietly however the audience I am going to perform to is large and in a large room so I need to be big and that ties into speed. In an effort to be louder and keep the accent I end up speaking too fast, to stop myself form doing this I recorded myself so I could evaluate the speed I was going at and hear my progress in my accent.

Silent Movie

  1. The first issue was the story line. The original idea was a mash up between Liam Swains and Jessica Bellamys idea with Liams being a creature feature including a spider and Jessicas was a silent movie spoof of Jurassic park. The solution was a small exercise where we were put into groups to come up with our own ideas for a scene, we then reported our ideas back to Lynn and she put all of our ideas together. This was a problem which I didn’t think we would face because I thought we would either go with Jess’s idea or Liams. This solution was permanent because it was the bases of our film and it was the foundation of the project.
  2. Another challenge I faced was acting big enough. I wouldn’t act big enough for the silent film which would mean many emotions and movements were missed where they wouldn’t be if we were speaking. The solution to this problem was for me to watch different silent movie clips and pick up what other actors were doing and evaluating how bug their actions were so I didn’t make my actions too big or small. This solution however was temporary, I would often slip back to acting too small so I have to keep reminding myself that I cannot speak or make noise so actions are the only way for the audience can get any emotion across. This may be an issue during the performance but I need to remind myself that the only way the audience is going to understand is through movement so we can’t over look any movement.

The Breakfast Club

  1. The first issue we had was picking a scene. We weren’t assigned a scene to do so we had to find a scene that everyone was happy with and the issue with that was that so many of the scenes are focussed around individual characters and their home lives and personalities and this was an issue because we all wanted a chance to show off the characters we were playing without one character drowning out the rest of the others with their back story. The solution was to find an entertaining scene other than a serious scene because many of the serious scenes were focussed on one character which wouldn’t be fair on the rest of the characters because they wouldn’t be able to show what they are capable of. We managed to find a scene which we called the smoking scene, which is where all the characters besides Allison are smoking marijuana in the library, but the scene had too little character so we had to change it to a scene which we called the bag scene, where Allison are talking to Brian and Andrew about herself and Claire and Bender are talking to each other about their personal lives but using inanimate objects to awkwardly talk about it, but again it was a serious scene and it focussed too much on Allison and how she felt while the other characters didn’t have much to do so we settled for a scene called what’s the ruckus, the scene is where Bender crashes through the ceiling and the teacher comes in to investigate, it was a good scene because everyone was present and it had a balance of showing each of the characters individual traits. This issue lasted a while but the solution was permanent because we were all happy with the scene chosen.
  2.  The biggest issue was that people were off sick for the majority of the time we had to rehearse. Liam Swain was off while we were picking a scene which wasn’t too much of an issue it just meant he wouldn’t have too much say in what scene we do but Sabrina Tiberi had become really ill about 2 weeks before the show and the solution was to get Jessica Bellamy to stand in for her if she couldn’t come in for the rehearsals. This solution was permanent because unfortunately Sabrina was too ill to come in so we had to use Jess to be Claire. This won’t be an issue on the night because we had plenty of time to rehearse the piece over and over.
  3. We also had the problem of when we chose the what’s the ruckus scene we had to add an additional person in because we needed the teacher. The solution was to add in Will Rice to be Bender so then Liam could be Mr Vernon. This was a permanent solution because the scene had been chosen and we wanted to do this scene because of it’s comedic element and show of character.