U5&U6 Task 2 Presentation

Videos 11 and 12.

Everyone’s ideas were really good and there were none that I thought wouldn’t work or wouldn’t be good to do but the two group ideas that I liked the most were, Braydens idea of the titanic dance the most because the use of movement could be interesting along with the costumes because we could have some people dressed in blue while some would be dressed in Victorian clothing, and Jess’s idea of “Jurassic park” silent movie which would be quite funny. The two duo ideas that I liked the most were Katie’s idea for a dance about Benjamin Button growing up along with his friend/ partner while she is growing physically older and he is growing physically younger, I also liked Jess’s idea for the dance duo for the couple in up and them growing old together, I think some really good imagery could be used in both of these with the characters growing up and old/young. The two solo ideas I really liked were Eren’s idea from “Notting Hill” with a day in the life of spike which I think could be really funny and with his random energy throughout the film, I also really liked Faye’s ideas on Jessica Rabbits dance from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit.


One thought on “U5&U6 Task 2 Presentation”

  1. Task 2 Presentation – your presentation was clear and well prepared. It was good to see that you took notes about some of the other ideas. Perhaps to really dig deep and asked ‘why’ you liked certain ideas might have added a bit of sparkle!


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