U8 Task 1- Analysis

Street Theatre

We were told to research on the different types of audiences and what we are performing for, along with what’s the audiences contract. The contract we had with the audience was simply none, the audience was free to come and watch and stand in for a while and then leave on their own accord because they were not paying to see the show due to it being a street performance. The audience was any age so we had to make the story appropriate for young children. However we also had to include humour that will catch the attention of an older audience so then they will also be entertained as well. For the Art and Life project the audience would have paid to see this show so the contract we have with the audience this time is vastly different from the street performance. When we were doing the street performance the audience were able to come and go as they pleased but with this project they will have paid and sat down which means that they will stay throughout the show. We were also told to research different ways of staging our performance, we said for the street performance we would either have to be in the theatre of the round or a thrust stage, because we had to adapt to how the audience stood so we practiced with several styles of stage so then we could get used to making sure the entire audience could see us performing to them and not just fixed parts. Because of where we were placed we were in a thrust stage as a result of us being in front of a small wall so we didn’t have to perform to people behind us.

For this project we would have to go with however the theatre is set out. Because of the shape of the theatre it cannot be a theatre in the round, promenade or traverse, so it will have to be either an end on theatre or it will be a thrust stage again. For the street performance we had no budget, all the props and costume had to be: made ourselves, found in tweed house or in our own homes. Due to us having no budget we got to experiment with making props and costume such as the goat and donkey masks which gave us great experience which we had used during Inspired By Film. This project again has no budget so everything we need for props and costume we need to find or make ourselves. Our venue for the street performance was outside which meant we had no lighting, also any props that could be easily damaged by the cold or wet we had to keep safe. This also meant we had to be prepared for any weather and also needed to make suitable arrangements to keep all props and costumes in a secure place where they wouldn’t be exposed or be damaged. For this commission we will be indoors so we won’t need to worry about making any props to be weather resistant or have to worry about them being too fragile because they can be stored in a safe and secure place, we will also have the liberty to wear short sleeves or shorts if required because during the street performance it was winter so it was too cold to wear thin tops or shorts which effected our performance a bit because while we were standing on the side we were cold because we couldn’t wear thick coats to keep us warm. The theme for this project can go along the lines of the street theatre project because many paintings were inspired by legends and myths which over the years has been converted into plays and films. The company for the street performance was purely the year 1 actors and we didn’t come upon many issues because the cast was so small however in this project we may be required to work with other members from musical theatre and dance which would mean we are working with a bigger cast because this commission includes all of year one.

Inspired by Film

For the inspired by film we were required to make a presentation to express our ideas for the project so then the tutors could put together a show which included some of our ideas. Casting was also done by the tutors which will be done again in this commission. We will have to do this again so then the tutors can put together a show using our ideas however we have been told that the show is going to be a little different from the Inspired By Film so the process may be slightly different. We also had to do a timeline of our progress to show how our ideas had changed, what problems we had faced and how we got around them, because working with people stretched across year 1 was difficult because some people’s timetables didn’t match up which meant sometimes people were pulled out of session so they could rehearse or some groups lost members during rehearsals because they were with other groups. We were told in the Inspired by Film to address the issues we had with production and performance aspects of the show and the rehearsals, for this we have to do something similar which is do a page on the research not the solutions we had to come up with so they are set out similarly but not the same thing because we don’t talk about the solutions at as a main point in any task during this commission.

We don’t know what our audience is going to be, I should think that it is going to be targeted at all ages however it depends on what pieces people suggest and what pieces are put in, in the inspired by film we had the same situation, we had no age range to target so we were free to pick any scene regardless of use of violence or language, we could put a warning on the program and website for anyone who wished to know so then they wouldn’t bring younger audiences if they were not happy with viewing or hearing certain pieces. Like the street performance and the inspired by film we will have no budget and will have to make or search for props and costumes ourselves again. The venue for Art and Life is Con EAST’s theatre again like the inspired by film, this is good because unlike the street performance we will have full access to lighting and sound to create the atmosphere of the scene. The theme for this project is art which means we will have to do more research into the artist, his history and what the painting means it may also be of use to search up other people’s opinion of the painting or sculpture to get inspiration for an idea and to see what other people think, this is different to the inspired by film because that was more based around character research in my opinion and what the industry awards films for while this project I think is taking a piece of art work not only from your view but for the audiences view and other people’s views. For this project unlike the first project we are in one group so we can each have an equal opportunity, if we had one big show it wouldn’t work, there would be no story line as there would be no lead roles as that wouldn’t give the other company members an equal opportunity to be graded equally because some company members would only have a few lines as there is approximately 30 of us which is too big of a cast for all of us to have play an equal role. To do one show on one night and another for the musical theatre students it would be too complicated because then we would have to, choose a play (or musical), cast it, find time for all of us to rehearse, the dancers would only have a dancing role in one of them which doesn’t give them an equal opportunity for them to be graded properly, choreograph it and all of us would have to find space to rehearse a massive show in the space of a few weeks, so it is much simpler to just do a bunch of small acts in one show for 2 nights, this also gives us the opportunity to compare how both of the night went. For the inspired by film project I had no quarrels with any of my group members, I may of not because I was only working with actors so our ideas on how we work this out and rehearse are similar and also our time-table lined up so we could find each other easily, other group members however had issues with finding people and getting them to rehearse, my biggest challenge I found was trying to get everyone in one room to rehearse a piece with more than three people because everyone has different priorities, I think for this project we have all learnt how different people work and when to find people so this time we will all know how to deal with a problem as a team and efficiently.



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