U8 Task 3- Presentation


Video 23


Task 3 Art Ideas picTask 3 Art Ideas Egon Schiele picTask 3 Art Ideas Edmund Dulac pic

This is the slide show I used to present my ideas. I put minimal information on them so then the audience weren’t distracted by all the information so then I could explain it myself however I think that this wasn’t such a good idea. Due to nerves I skipped out on important information such as casting for the pieces and the way I explained the Egon Schiele piece was a but rushed so I think I could of made things easier for the audience if I had included more information. I chose a simple coulor pallet as again I wanted the focus to be on the paintings not on what’s around them.

Video 1 Faye Smith-

Romeo and Juliet

dicksee-romeo e giulietta

  • Artist: Frank Dicksee
  • Piece: Romeo and Juliet
  • Idea: The balcony scene on a flat stage due to the fact that we do not have anywhere

Leonor Fini/ Maureen Johnson

Leonor fini

  • Artist: Leonor Fini
  • Piece: Rent (Over the moon)
  • Idea: The musical rent is based off the opera La Vie Boheme, some one would play Maureen Johnson and sing the song Over The Moon. Maureen Johnson was picked because she is similar to Leonor Fini.


Video 2 Crystal Knott-

Pity/ Macbeth

Pity wb

  • Artist: William Blake
  • Piece: Macbeth
  • Idea: The painting is inspired by Shakespeare’s Macbeth and the line “pity like a newborn babe”. The entire quote talks about horses which relates to the play, the piece was going to have someone being lady Macbeth and singing a song.

Girl With The Red Balloon and Plague Hospital

  • Artist: Girl With The Red Balloon was painted by Banksy and the Plague Hospital was painted by Francisco Goya
  • Piece: “Run Boy Run” instrumental by Wood Kid and “Where Did All The Children Gone” (cut song)
  • Idea: Crystal and Sophia would perform a dance with the songs above inspired by the two paintings. There would be an erie feel in the theatre and no props.

Video 3 Brayden Weibel Seckley-

Self/ Rent

NPG 6863; Marc Quinn ('Self') by Marc Quinn
by Marc Quinn, blood (artist’s), liquid silicone, stainless steel, glass, perspex and refrigeration equipment, 2006
  • Artist: Marc Quinn
  • Piece: Rent
  • Idea: The song La Vie Boheme that is sung and dance by all the Musical theatres. He chose Rent as it’s about AID’s and that’s a blood related disease as the sculpture is made from the artists blood.


Banksy images

  • Artist: Banksy
  • Piece: Still art coming to life
  • Idea: All the paintings are still and they come to life to talk about their lives and thoughts.

Video 4 Jess Weston-

In The Rhythm Of Tango


  • Artist: Leonid Afremov
  • Piece: Dance
  • Idea: 3 dancers and 3 people from musical theatre to re-create the painting in teh style of tango.

Perfect Love Red Umbrella

Perfect Love Red Umbrella


  • Artist: Pete Rumney
  • Piece: Dance
  • Idea: Different stories based on who is picked for the piece.

Video 5 Bethany Kirkwood-

Dance me to the end of love


  • Artist: Jack Vettriano
  • Piece: Dance
  • Idea: A country dance piece directed by Lynn Whitehead.

Video 6 Chris Gray-

I wonder what I will read next I have read all the children’s books


  • Artist: Quentin Blake
  • Piece: Avenue Q “I wish I could go back to college”
  • Idea: Three desks with books on and actors sitting behind them when the song starts then the actors will reveal the puppets.

Metamorphosis of Narcissus


  • Artist: Salvador Dali
  • Piece: Hamlet
  • Idea: Ophelia’s death, a cross cut of Ophelia’s death and the scene that is happening during her death.

Video 7 Liam Swain-

Stormtroops Advancing Under Gas

Otto Dix gas

  • Artist: Otto Dix
  • Piece: A written monologue
  • Idea: A monologue would be read from a German soldier in the second world war on what he thinks of his position.


John Philip Kemble as Hamlet 1801 by Sir Thomas Lawrence 1769-1830

  • Artist: Thomas Lawrence
  • Piece: Hamlet
  • Idea: To do Polonius’s death scene.

Video 8 Sophie Clare-

The Kiss


  • Artist: Gustav Klimt
  • Piece: Dance piece
  • Idea: To do a contemporary dance piece based around this piece using the accapella version of the song gold.

The Railway Children/ Railway Carriages

railway crriges

  • Artist: Vincent Van Gogh
  • Piece: The Railway Children
  • Idea: A physical theatre piece using the song overture from the film, three people will be cast which would be two girls and a boy as that is what is how it is cast in the film.

Video 9 Karolis Vaitkevicius-

The Last Supper

Leonardo_da_Vinci_-_Last_Supper_(copy)_-_WGA12732 (1)

  • Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
  • Piece: Rap with the year on actors
  • Idea: A comedy sketch around the idea of the last supper and Jesus and his followers would rap.

The foreigner/ Water Dancing/ Nightlights

  • Artist: Rob Gosalves
  • Piece: A scene from the play “The Foreigner”
  • Idea: To do a comedic scene from the play where a man from another country is winding up a friends family member.

Video 10 Ryan Smith-


MJ dancing

  • Artist: Michael David Nordahl
  • Piece: Comedy dance and song
  • Idea: Micheal Jackson Thriller spoof with Ryan Smith or Justin as Micheal with everything else being serious.

Aladdin Pantomime

Genie an dthe fisher man

  • Artist: Edmund Dulac
  • Piece: Actors pantomime scene from the panto Aladdin.
  • Idea: A short extract from the pantomime Aladdin, the script would of already been provided.

Video 11 Ryan Adams-

The Can Can

AT the Molin Rouge.jpg

  • Artist: Toulouse Lautrec
  • Piece: Musical Theatre students dance piece
  • Idea: All the Musical Theatre students do another piece together where they dress up as the characters from this painting and reenact it.

The Plays Of William Shakespeare


  • Artist: John Gilbert
  • Piece: Acting piece
  • Idea: A comedy sketch where all the characters interact with each other

Video 12 Justin Glenister-

Up town funk

  • Artist:
  • Piece: Dance piece by the actors
  • Idea: The actors do a dance piece to uptown funk which would be choreographed by us but Helena would help with the movements.


  • Artist:
  • Piece: Actor choreographed fight scene.
  • Idea: A choreographed fight scene with Sherlock with a freeze frame where another Sherlock comes on stage to voice his thoughts.

Video 13 Thalia Weavers-

Alice in wonderland


  • Artist: John Tenniel
  • Piece: Alice in wonderland
  • Idea: To perform a segment from the 2010 Alice which is a modern and darker take on Alice and Wonderland.



  • Artist: Pablo Picasso
  • Piece: Equus
  • Idea: To do a segment from Equus since it was based on an indecent in Suffolk.

Video 14 Jessica Bellamy-

Play House Creatures


  • Artist: William Hogarth
  • Piece: Play house creatures
  • Idea: To do one of the scenes from the dressing room

Plays by Shakespeare/ Characters of Charles Dickens


  • Artist: John Gilbert
  • Piece: Charles Dickens
  • Idea: All the actors are cast as the characters from Charles Dickens and they all interact with each other in the same universe.

Video 15 Sabrina Tiberi-

Romeo and Juliet

  • Artist: Anthony Cowland
  • Piece: Romeo and Juliet
  • Idea: A dance with about 16 people inspired by the “dance of the hands” from Romeo and Juliet.

Girl by the stream


  • Artist: Arthur Rackham
  • Piece: Monologue
  • Idea: A monologue that is done by a boy or girl inspired by this painting.

Video 16 Jamie Musora-

Work houses

Houseless and hungry

  • Artist: Samuel Luke
  • Piece: The song “Don’t Nobody Bring Me Bad News”
  • Idea: A group song where one character is talking to the other characters about getting on with work

The cotton exchange


  • Artist: Edgar Degas
  • Piece: Dance
  • Idea: A dance around how the dance dresses are made and given to the dancers.

Video 17 Will Rice-


  • Artist: Any
  • Piece: Year one actors do improv
  • Idea: The audience will write down artists or artwork and put them in a hat the the actors will have to improvise a scene around what has been picked.

Oliver Twist

'Oliver Twist' by

  • Artist: James Hollin
  • Piece: Food Glorious Food
  • Idea: The musical theatre students do a scene/ dance scene with the song Food Glorious Food.

Video 18 Ines Gomes-

The Kiss

The kiss Rodin

  • Artist: Auguste Rodin
  • Piece: Romeo and Juliet
  • Idea: The last scene where the couple take their life but the fight with Paris is a dance scene.

Billy Elliot

Edgar Degas the rehersal

  • Artist: Edgar Degas
  • Piece: Billy Elliot
  • Idea: A split screen where Billy Elliot has to chose between boxing and Ballet, with one side with people with boxing gloves on and the other side with people stretching for Ballet.

Video 19 Katie Pickering-

Burlesque Dancer

Brittany Burton

  • Artist: Brittany Burton
  • Piece: Group dance in a burlesque style sequence
  • Idea: A burlesque style piece including 7 people, 4 people at the back with the big fans and 3 people at the front on the floor with smaller fans to show the different levels.



  • Artist: Renta Domagalska
  • Piece: Flamenco
  • Idea: No music to the song because it is purely based on footwork, 5 people in the dance all together but with 5 boys on chairs while the girls showed them their love through dance.

Video 20 Tom Foulger-

Filthy 13

Filthy 13

  • Artist: Unknown
  • Piece: Actors
  • Idea: A scene from the boot camp where they have taken the 13 criminals and are making them into American soldiers.

War and Peace


  • Artist: Banksy
  • Piece: Dance
  • Idea: Split the dance in two where half the group is promoting peace while the other half are promoting war and are both trying to convince why both is important.

Video 21 Abbie Cameron Laker-

The treachery of images


  • Artist: Margritte
  • Piece: Actors piece
  • Idea: The story and travels of Le Corbusier who had interesting idea’s on architecture, one of his ideas was to make a city that was 60 stories high and could house 3 million people.

King David play the harp

King David play the harp

  • Artist: Gerard van Honthorst
  • Piece: Actors and song
  • Idea: The song Hallelujah will be played while the actors play out the story with no words but just the lyrics of the song.

Video 22 Sophia Barrett –

Ballet Rehersal

Edgar Degas the rehersal

  • Artist: Edgar Degas
  • Piece: Dance
  • Idea: A ballet piece that is like how a lesson would be planned out

Girl With The Red Balloon and Plague Hospital

  • Artist: Girl With The Red Balloon was painted by Banksy and the Plague Hospital was painted by Francisco Goya
  • Piece: “Run Boy Run” instrumental by Wood Kid and “Where Did All The Children Gone” (cut song)
  • Idea: Crystal and Sophia would perform a dance with the songs above inspired by the two paintings. There would be an erie feel in the theatre and no props.

Video 24 Lauren Dunning-

The Whistlers Mother/ Woman In Black


  • Artist: James Whistler
  • Piece: The Woman In Black
  • Idea: Six people playing the same character at different stages of their life with a black figure behind them to represent the Woman In Black

Misty Mood

misty mood

  • Artist: Leonid Afermov
  • Piece: Actors
  • Idea: A story around that the woman has just died or done something she regrets while the man is just a bystander.

Video 25 Thomas Stevens-

Into the woods

the mulberry tree

  • Artist: Vincent Van Gogh
  • Piece: Into the woods physical theatre
  • Idea: The scene where Cinderella is sitting by the tree and is at her mothers gravestone, the tree would be made out of people and then with some choreography to change Cinderella to her ball gown then there would be a ball dance scene.


The Scream


  • Artist: Edvard Munch
  • Piece: Monologue
  • Idea: A monologue on what the man in the picture is screaming at.

Video 26 Becca Lomas-

Silver Clouds Installation

Andy Warhol silver clouds

  • Artist: Andy Warhol
  • Piece: Dance/ Monologue piece
  • Idea: A dance piece but instead of using a song someone will be doing a monologue, each balloon has a unique colour to show what emotion they are.

Video 27 Lauren Hobbs-

The Son of Man

Ren? Magritte, The Son of Man, 1964, Restored by Shimon D. Yanowitz, 2009  øðä îàâøéè, áðå ùì àãí, 1964, øñèåøöéä ò"é ùîòåï éðåáéõ, 2009

  • Artist: Rene Magritte
  • Piece: The man behind the mask form Zorro
  • Idea: A song sung possibly by Faye Smith.

The Plays From Shakespeare


  • Artist: John Gilbert
  • Piece: Shakespeare acting
  • Idea: To take 5 of Shakespeare’s greatest comedy and tragedy monologues and combine them into one big scene

Video 28 Eren Kucukkaramuklu-

Departure of a winged ship


  • Artist: Vladimir Kush
  • Piece: Actors/ dance piece
  • Idea: Two people on the island they see the ship and tell the fairy-tale of the ship.

Ghost of Christmas Present


  • Artist: John Leech
  • Piece: Christmas Carol
  • Idea: To do the scene where the ghost of Christmas Present visits Scrooge.

Video 29 Dylan Brown-

Starry Night


  • Artist: Van Gogh
  • Piece: “Don’t do sadness” from Spring Awakening
  • Idea: To sing this song.

American Gothic

american gothic

  • Artist: Grant Wood
  • Piece: Actors
  • Idea: The couple start off happy and the painter is taking a while to paint them so they start to bicker and by the end of the painting they look like this.

Video 30 Emily Scott-



  • Artist: Rene Magritte
  • Piece: One Man Two Guvnors
  • Idea: The monologue where the main character is arguing to himself because he now has two bosses so one side is worrying while the other is trying to be reasonable.

Starry Night


  • Artist: Van Gogh
  • Piece: “Starry Starry Night” by Don Mclean
  • Idea: For a small group of the musical theatre students to sing this song in a group.

Video 31 Chloe Sheehan-

Witches Sabbath


  • Artist: Goya
  • Piece: Oliver Twist “Be back soon”
  • Idea: All the boys to do the song “Be back soon” as Fagan is described as in the book as the devil.

Shoes of the Danube


  • Artist: Gyula Pauer
  • Piece: “I know where I’ve been” Hairspray
  • Idea: Everyone does this as an end piece to close the show.

Video 32 Alfie Dye-

Jesus vs Satan

Jesus and satan.jpg

  • Artist: Unknown
  • Piece: A written monologue.
  • Idea: Monologue written about a person and their struggle with Bipolar disorder.

The Lonely woman

the lonley woman

  • Artist: Edvard Munch
  • Piece: “I wish I could forget you” from the musical “Passion”
  • Idea: To have some from musical theatre sing the song which is about a woman wanting to forget a man she once loved.

Video 32 Bromwyn Murton- 

Cityscape at night

  • Artist: Leonid Afremov
  • Piece: Dance
  • Idea: A dance between the dancers and musical theater students about a couple planning their steps in life.

2nd Idea

  • Piece: Dance
  • Idea: A ballet dance piece on a bar where all the dancers will participate in.

Video 33 Millie Cochrane- 

Water lillie

  • Artist: Monet
  • Piece: Dance or Physical theatre piece “Lillies”
  • Idea: Exploring the world and showing that there are lots of blurred lines (as Monet was losing his sight)

2nd idea

  • Piece: Scenes from Shakespeare that show masked figures.
  • Idea: Based around a piece with masks and disguises

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