U8 Task 4- Evaluation of Presentation

My presentation didn’t go quite as planned as I was nervous I missed a few points due to my nerves, for example what we would find difficult and a few casting ideas that I had along with a few staging ideas. I was asked at the end of my evaluation whether we would take the script from the book, I said yes because I have the original story at home which I will refer to. Our feedback was that this show isn’t going to be like our inspired by film project and were told to focus on certain periods of art including:

  • Renaissance
  • Romanticism
  • Impressionism
  • Post Impressionism
  • Cubism
  • Symbolism
  • Surrealism
  • Art Deco
  • Pop Art
  • Contemporary (Young British Artists)

Erica said that she was going to split into groups so each group could focus on one or two art movements from the list above because we don’t want the set out to be exactly like Inspired by Film.

Sophie Clare “The Kiss”

I really liked Sophie Clare’s idea on Gustav Klimt’s painting “The Kiss”.

Artist- Gustav Klimt


I liked this idea because it takes a new view on the painting. Before Sophie had made the point that the woman was trapped by the vines and have a kiss forced upon her. I always viewed this painting as romantic but after closer inspection I can see Sophie’s point and would really like to see this made out to other people because I personally think that the point Sophie made it is over looked and its typically seen as something romantic.She proposed this painting to be a dance piece which I think would work really nicely because you could use the moves to seem like one person is controlling or trapping the other. It also doesn’t require any props because I imagine that the piece would be all physical. I would imagine this piece being with two of the musical theatre students but I think that it would be good if a musical theatre student and a dancer did the dance so it could be pure dance and express the story with no words. An issue that I have noticed is that if the musical theatre students were to do this it would be too dance centred and doesn’t include song and the only acting is the face expression so this would be a dance piece for the dancers but they may need to borrow some of the musical theatre students, this is another issue because for rehearsals you would need some of the musical theatre students when they could need the people who are borrowed.

Brayden Weibel- Seckley “Self”

Brayden’s idea I really good and personally I would love to see this happen especially with the message.

Artist- Marc Quinn

NPG 6863; Marc Quinn ('Self') by Marc Quinn

Brayden talked about how he would like to do a song from the musical “Rent”and for the entire musical theatre students to do it. He wanted it to be about AIDs since it’s a blood related disease and also it effected so many people in the 70s because it was a new disease that not many people knew about. Brayden had originally thought of “Blood Brothers” and different Shakespeare’s plays but he then came up with the idea of a song from “Rent” called “La Vie Boheme” which is about a death of a character and also where the cast find out that one of their friends is suffering from AIDs. The issue with this is that like most musicals they follow a story and the audience might not know what the story is and would be lost. Also due to the set they would need a very long table and chairs which would be a health and safety risk as it can be very unstable if one step is misjudged.

Brayden Weibel- Seckley “Banksy’s Art”

Banksy images

Artist- Banksy

Brayden’s idea on this was really good because he has complete free reign on how the characters feel. His idea was to have all the different characters from different Banksy paintings and for them to come to life and talk among each other. What I like about this is that many of Banksy’s stuff is political and or about society so he could interview different peoples opinions and base the script off of that or put in his own thoughts through the characters voice. The only thing I think would be difficult would be recreating Banksy’s style through costume because his work is predominantly black and white so we would have to find costumes that match that criteria. The research for this piece would be interesting because for example if you got the maid for you character depending on the period you would have to research role, what their daily life is like and then work around that to create a character.

Chris Gray ” I’m Wondering What To Read Next I’ve Finished All The Children’s Books”

Quentin Blake is personally one of my favourite illustrators and the fact that Chris had put his own spin on portraying his art work I thought was amazing.

Artist- Quentin Blake


Chris suggested doing the piece like the musical “Avenue Q” through puppets. I love this idea and I also love the idea that it’s through song and that it’s through puppetry. What I think would be difficult for some people is having to act through an object an having to not over act with your own body because the focus has to be on the puppet and your voice not you. What I also love about this is how Chris said he wanted the stage, he said that he would like to keep the piles of books like in the illustration and have chairs and tables too look like a classroom, what I think would be difficult with this is that the amount of books we would need would be phenomenal also to collect them all would be a challenge, so maybe we could make piles of books out of cardboard boxes (like cereal boxes) and paint them then stick them together in pile so it isn’t too heavy to lift or too much hassle to put on or off stage. The only issue I see with this is that they would be fragile and light so they would be easy to knock over.

Liam Swain “Storm Troopers Advance Under Gas” 

I like Liam’s idea for a monologue about the German soldiers during World War 1 which isn’t thought about often.

Artist- Otto Dix

Otto Dix gas

I like this idea because when we think of the World Wars we often think about who won and how they did and how the Germans surrendered when we don’t think about what the Germans also went through and I hope through this monologue he gets people to think about what the German soldiers went through and make people realize that they went through the same thing as our soldiers.

Dylan Brown “American Gothic” 

Dylan’s idea was to do a comedy sketch based on this painting about how the couple camr to look so serious.

Artist- Grant Wood

american gothic

Dylan said that he would like to start the painting a as a happy couple posing for a painting and one of the couple makes a comment which annoys their other partner resulting in a small argument which causes the artist to paint them with a moody expression on their face. I think that this would be very funny and would create a new spin on the painting because the painting has a very haunting effect on some people so it would make it humorous. The only difficult bit would be writing the script and doing the research on what they would fight about however I think it could be quite humours if the script was based on what we would fight about in this day and age to make it a bit more surreal. The only issue is that a script would have to be written and we don’t know if we have the time to wait for a script to be written as we don’t have enough time.

Emily Grace “Decalcomania”

I loved this idea and thought that with the right person and costume it will work really well.

Artist- Rene Magritte


I watched the monologue and thought that it was serious but the way it turned into something funny was good because it did it gradually. I loved this idea and that a painting that I personally view as a very serious painting about self reflection I liked to see it as perceived as something potentially funny. The painting as I have said is about self reflection personally and also the monologue doesn’t stray from that because he is looking back on the mistake he has just made which is a promise he cannot keep.

Karolis Vaitkevicius “Last Supper”

A comedy sketch about how Di Vinci painted the “Last Supper”

Artist- Di Vinci


This sketch is very comedic and can however include quite a bit of chaos and uncertain jokes being thrown around. Jesus would be a rapper however the original version of the song is a bit offensive and would need to be edited. I would like to see this however it is a cast of 13 (maybe 14 with a waiter) so it is fairly large cast also it is an all male cast unless people are willing to make some of the characters female. The only issue is that the actors class isn’t big enough for this scene and would need some musical theatre students which would cause a strain on rehearsal times, there would be many reheasals where people are missing and the making of it would take too long and not be ready in time for the show.



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