U8 Task 6- Production Research

Martha’s Harbour/ Poole Harbour- All About Eve/ Philip Wilson Steer


This song came out during the 1980’s however the song isn’t like the song movement of the time, the 80’s were a time in music for disco and punk music so this type of song is very different to what was popular then. I was thinking of dressing in a “hippie” fashion. Although the hippie fashion didn’t become popular during the 80’s it was predominantly worn during the 60’s and 70’s however the song fits that style really well so I was thinking of using these as a few costume ideas.

I would out of these most likely use that blue skirt and white top because they are very ocean like colours while the other items are more earthy colours and wouldn’t suite the mood to the song. Some of the clothes are very loose fitting and reflect on the freedom she wishes she had as the clothes give her freedom to move around. I think a skirt is the most appropriate for this as it gives the character a more mystical and mysterious feel to the character which makes the character and the song more interesting.


For this piece I will need no props in this scene because I am not playing the guitar any longer and the song just requires voice and acting ability. However a guitar will be playing we don’t know if it is going to be live or a recorded backing track.


This piece really has no specific time period apart from we know that it isn’t beyond the 1960’s so in the scene I would need a table to sit on at one point during the song so then I don’t start fidgeting or shuffling throughout the song because the song is an emotional song and requires the singer to cast her emotions onto the crowd. I imagine the stage would be empty and I think that it should be like this, the song is us seeing into the girls head and if the stage is cluttered then her mind would be as well, if the stage is clear however the audience won’t only see that she is alone then we will see that her mind is clear. We have to treat the stage like her mind which has to be clear to make the audience know she is thinking clearly.


When I listen to this song I think of a moonlit harbour and she is walking along the moon light, however I also see her walking along street lamps so I’m thinking of perhaps either doing a soft blue light to reflect the ocean element in the song as that is the main focus, or to make it look as if i’m walking some dreary streets late at night with lighting that looks like streets lamps because it’s late at night. Perhaps a blue and green lighting would be more appropriate because the song is more angled towards the ocean and blue and green are the colours of the ocean.

seaThis is the colour scheme I imagine that the lights should be because it reflects the ocean, also it reflects her mood which is sadness and loneliness as she is waiting for her husband. Also these colours are often found in the depths of the ocean and this song is very deep and personal to this person which is why these colours will not only represent the physical ocean but will also represent her feelings.


I will have someone playing the guitar behind me during the act however I think there should be the very subtle sound of the ocean but however if it’s too loud it will drown out the guitar, so I would have it so it’s quiet that people are aware that it’s there but they can barely hear it. The ocean and the guitar should be the only instruments used, if other are used then it would complicate the sing, also the guitar should be acoustic as it sounds more natural, the song is about a force of nature and love which are both often connected in art work as they are both seen as natural and beautiful.

A Doll’s House/ Separation- Henrik Ibsen/ Edvard Munch


The play itself was published in 1879 and would have late 19th century fashion. The typical fashion back then looked like this.

 During the scene Torvald is in formal wear because they have just come back from a party and Nora has changed in order to leave Torvald which is why the dresses look less formal. I think this would be difficult to get hold of but I think when I was looking in tweed I saw some dresses very similar to the ones in the photo and Karolis had to wear a similar suit in the “Inspired by Film” project.


This scene requires minimal props, I may need a small travel bag that I can pick up to leave at the end of the scene so it doesn’t look like Nora is leaving empty handed. The bag should suit the style and period of the scene and also look as if it has clothes in it (depends if its fabric or not) so then she isn’t leaving with an empty bag. Two rings and key is needed as well as she asks Thovald to give his ring to her and she gives him hers and the keys, the key doesn’t have to be of a specific style as it’s too small for the audience to see, the same is with the rings, they don’t have to be matching as long as they are worn through out the scene comfortably enough that they don’t slip off.


The scene takes place in the living room of the Helmers so we will need two chairs to be set out but they must be separate, we were given a suggestion by Erica to keep the chairs separate because they have drifted apart from each other so having them close could show that they are close when they are not. This is all that is needed becasue we want a simple set so the audience can have free reign on what the room looks like. Unfortunately we can’t have period accurate furniture but all we need is two chairs, I think anything else like a table would be too much and wouldn’t represent that the scene is just about these two individuals as I feel like the chairs represent this perfectly.


The stage should have a soft glow of candle light and maybe in one spot have it focused to suggest a fire place in the room. This is to give of the impression that it is late at night and everyone is asleep. it is also Christmas which means it’s snowing and it’s cold outside, it would be nice to have the warm light concentrated in the middle and to fade out to a colder light, again it is also a subtly representation that Nora looks cold and emotionless through the scene but really inside she is emotional because she is frustrated, scared and sad.


We need no sound effects during this scene because the lock on the door will be a genuine lock but due to health and safety we have to keep it unlocked so I can’t forget to unlock it when I leave. This also puts more focus on the characters and having no headmics would let us show the raw emotion of the scene more.


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