U8 Task 7- Planning and Organisation

In this project we have approximately 5 weeks to complete the project which is including the 2 week Easter holiday we had.

During the 1st week I dedicated it to looking at my script and song and finding the feeling of the pieces. This was easier for Martha’s harbour because the song itself sounds romantic and sad by using the the music to set the mood and the lyrics to hint at the romantic side of the song in the lines “You are an ocean wave my love” and “I am a galley slave my love”. For “Dolls House” me and my partner Karolis found it difficult to delve into the scene knowing minimal information on the characters despite us both having read the play.

For the 2 weeks we had off I focused on learning more about my character for “Dolls House” and finding a few YouTube clips to use as a platform also I used the time to make sure that when I get back to college I was up to date with everything so I could focus on rehearsals.

The 4th week I used for line learning and annotating my script more because I had created a slight set back because I had gotten some information about editing the script wrong  which meant I had to learn different sections than before, for Martha’s harbour I worked on getting my volume up and hitting the notes right. I found some help from Chloe Sheenan who gave me some tips on how to stand and hold myself to get the best volume and sound, I was also given some similar advice from Lewis who came in to look at students singing. During this week me and Karolis started looking for costume which we found difficult because “Dolls House” is set in a very specific time period but during the weekend of this week I managed to sew my old coat to look Victorian and was also given a Victorian looking blouse that would work perfectly for the scene

During the 5th week I worked on the persona  of the character in Martha’s harbour and answered Stanislavsky’s questions on both characters so then when I am singing I have a back story and a reason to be there. Me and Karolis also worked on polishing up “Dolls House” and putting the last few bits of costume together for the since it was difficult to locate many pieces quickly.

We have 12 hours of commission lessons in total where we have the tutors to our disposal, per week that is 4 hours and we have 3 weeks at college (not including the week where we have tech and dress rehearsal). So this is 6 commission lessons over the weeks we have. During this time I have focused on line learning and lyric learning along with blocking for “Dolls House” with Karolis and practicing volume in any spare rooms for Martha’s Harbour.

For our Directed Study and Self Directed sessions we have 22 hours and 30 minuets in total over the three weeks, per week that’s 7 hours and a half (not including the week where we have tech and dress rehearsal). Over the 3 weeks we are at college we have 7 Self Directed and Directed sessions in college. During these times I focused on annotating the scripts and talking to Karolis at certain points about editing the script to make it shorter, I also went to find Chloe Sheehan to work on stance and voice for the song.

I was a singer and an actor, the responsibilities I found aren’t as different as I thought, for an actor and a singer you have to learn lines, when to say and how to say each line that will cause the most effect on the audience. The way you look at the audience or the way you look at the people in the scene can majorly effect the audience and what they think after the show. The difference between the pieces is that for the song I am on stage barely moving and I have more to consider such as, breathing, pitch and the emotion of the song which means there is more pressure on the person.

Action plan/ Calendar 

Day Date Action Plan Tasks Due
Thursday 23rd of March
Friday 24th of March Get a basic Idea of clothing for Martha’s Harbour
Monday 27th of March
Tuesday 28th of March Have Chords sorted for Martha’s Harbour sorted
Wednesday 29th of March Talked to Erica about problems with the Guitar and arranged for someone else to play it
Thursday 30th of March
Friday 31st of March Have Lyrics learnt for Martha’s Harbour also work in progress presentations Task 5 & 6 due
Easter Holiday 1st of April – 16Th of April “Doll’s House” more research, character development and practicing Martha’s Harbour
Monday 17th of April
Tuesday 18th of April Rehearse “Doll’s House” with Karolis
Wednesday 19th of April
Thursday 20th of April Rehearse “Doll’s House” with Karolis and work in progress check Work in progress check
Friday 21st of April
Monday 24rd of April Asked for Lynn’s help with Martha’s Harbour regarding how I am moving
Tuesday 25th of April Rehearse “Doll’s House” with Karolis and have everything of script and set and costumes sorted
Wednesday 26th of April Producers run Producers run
Thursday 27th of April Rehearse “Doll’s House” with Karolis also rehearse Martha’s Harbour with Nigel
Friday 28th of April Tasks 7 & 8 due
Monday 1st of May
Tuesday 2nd of May Tech and dress rehearsal
Wednesday 3rd of May Tech and dress rehearsal
Thursday 4th of May Performance
Friday 5th of May Performance

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