U8 Task 8- Rehearsal Process

Rehearsal Blogs


https://wordpress.com/post/miahoywsc.wordpress.com/4562 (23rd of March)

This rehearsal for “Dolls House” I think was to have a conversation about how we would like to do this but I don’t think it was addressed correctly and we ended up talking over each other, it also made us realize that the script was more difficult to connect with and we could dive straight into it we needed to read the play for some context and to use as a platform. For “Martha’s Harbour” it was an opportunity to get help with the guitar from inside college. At this point a lot needed to be done me and Karolis still needed to know what we wanted to do with the script and still needed the context of the play it’s self before moving forward. For “Martha’s Harbour” it needed a lot of work I was struggling with the guitar which was making me worry about my voice.


https://wordpress.com/post/miahoywsc.wordpress.com/4606 (27th of March)

For “Dolls House” in this rehearsal me and Karolis talked about blocking mostly, we had a better grasp of the play and we knew about the characters and we also knew the exact reason why Nora was leaving which moved us forward majorly. At this stage we had the siple blocking done, we had two chairs together in the middle of the room and we had me walking in and we knew when Karlis and me where moving but we still needed to learn the script and we were still getting frustrated that we couldn’t get to grips with the emotions the characters were feeling in the scene. At this point wih Martha’s Harbour I knew the lyrics and I was working at home with a guitar, again a lot needed to be done I knew the lyrics but was struggling with pitch.


https://wordpress.com/post/miahoywsc.wordpress.com/4835 (29th of March)

This was the first time we showed Erica our work on “Dolls House” and we didn’t get too far with it because we were still struggling and it lost it’s energy very quickly so Erica told us to carry on working on characters, she also gave us some advice on how our set would be set out to be more symbolic of the couples relationship, we thought that the idea of the chairs being separated was good and it felt more natural, it made me stop reaching out towards him and made him move around more. For Martha’s Harbour I was told to carry on working on volume as that was my weak point at this stage, I also told Erica I was struggling with the guitar and asked whether a backing track could be used instead of a live guitar.


https://wordpress.com/post/miahoywsc.wordpress.com/4850 (30th of March)

Me and Karolis once again tried to do “Dolls House” together but we were still worried about what we were doing wrong so we agreed that we should watch some videos from YouTube and work on improving the character during the holidays before we proceed any further. We were also still learning the script at this stage and we had an idea what our costume would have to look like but the way the script was worded threw us and we decided to practice together when we get a better idea on the piece.


https://wordpress.com/post/miahoywsc.wordpress.com/5177 (19th of April)

For this blog I was starting to get the costume together for “Doll’s House”, while doing this I had to think about if I was wearing a coat or if it was too formal or too informal, how I was going to fix it if the dresses were too long. I thought of my prom dress because the skirt was Victorian however the top was modern and that could be fixed by a jacket.


https://wordpress.com/post/miahoywsc.wordpress.com/5196 (20th of April)

We had our progress checks and my first piece was Martha’s Harbour. At this point my confidence was a major issue I was still tensing up and I didn’t know how to hold myself, so I went and asked for some help from Chloe Sheehan. For “Doll’s House” me and Karolis were further along than we had expected, we had a good chunk of script memorized and the characters were good but still needed some work, at this point all we needed to do was learn line sand to get used to bouncing the characters emotions off each other. (Video in blog)


https://wordpress.com/post/miahoywsc.wordpress.com/5228 (21st of April)

I went to see someone called Lewis for a singing lesson, he said I was getting the pitch right as I was relaxing into it and that my posture needed to be improved to get the desired volume because my chest was too closed. This stage again my confidence was an issue but is was rapidly improving and after the lesson I paid closer attention to how I was standing.


https://wordpress.com/post/miahoywsc.wordpress.com/5244 (24th of April)

At this point me and Karolis had everything sorted for “Doll’s House” we had most of our costumes together but we realised we had forgotten to get some rings and keys, Karolis agreed that we should find the rings at least by the end of tomorrow. We had learnt our lines and we had our characters bouncing off each other which moved the scene along smoother. I also had the opportunity to talk to Lynn about singing, I realized I had more to work on than I had thought and that I actually had no persona when singing so I realized I had to use the acting techniques to become more conifident with myself and the song.


https://wordpress.com/post/miahoywsc.wordpress.com/5312 (25th of April)

This was the point where I had noticed the biggest change although we still needed prompting our characters had a connection and were finally bouncing off each other in a fluid conversation. We went to see Erica and fixed a few little problems such as Karolis treating me more like a child and while I needed to be more frustrated at him.


https://wordpress.com/post/miahoywsc.wordpress.com/5401 (26th of April)

At this point I wasn’t struggling as much with Martha’s Harbour as my confidence was improving, I was working with Nigel about my voice and told me how to look after it so it is ready for the show. The producers run was good our characters for “Doll’s House” weren’t bouncing off each other as much as they were in rehearsal but the audience still felt a connection between the characters. Martha’s Harbour went backwards as I was very nervous and I was fidgeting and staring at the fire bell too intensely, confidence is still a major issue I need to become comfortable singing in front of people. (Video in blog)


https://wordpress.com/post/miahoywsc.wordpress.com/5442 (27th of April)

During the practice with Nigel I had improved a lot and began to relax and enjoy the song more which bought out more emotion. In these rehearsals I felt confident and I could see how far the pieces had gone.


The roles in the company I was playing were, Nora from “Dolls House” and a made up role which I named “Lilly” for Martha’s harbour. The responsibilities I had for Nora was lots of research on how the character feels and how she dressed along with what her roles were in the society at the time, it also included me watching a few videos and annotating my script so I didn’t forget what I had tried and what worked. I also had to gather my own costume and with Karolis’s help get some props together such as the rings and the keys, finding the rigs were not difficult I bought two gold bands from H&M as they were simple and easy to pull on and off, Karolis found his old garage key that he no longer used  and we used that for the key for the house. Costume was difficult however, I managed to get hold of an old Victorian top and I found a black heavy skirt from tweed. For Marthas harbour originally my responsibilities were to learn the lyrics, pitch and guitar chords and strings to p[luck but the guitar and singing felt unnatural and I decided to drop it so I could focus on my voice, but it was my responsibility to get in touch with people to help me an listen to give me advice. I also had to find costume and once again I managed to get together some clothes from home mainly from my mothers wardrobe as she owns a few skirts that really suit the song.

For the entire project the person I was working closest with was Karolis. We worked with “Dolls House” and we encountered many issues that needed to be addressed. The first problem we stumbled across was finding out what the emotion was that the scene was based around, on the first look you think that it is an angry piece but when you look at it with more depth then it becomes different, then you see that she has no emotion she is tired of living there and being treated like a child. This worked well as we are in the same class so it was simple to get together and discuss the work and ask each other what were going to do about certain parts of the script.

During this project the main problem was my confidence in Marthas Harbour, my shoulders would go up which restricted volume. my hands would fidget and my eyes would often dart around making me look uncomfortable which made the people watching feel uncomfortable. I improved this by talking to Chloe Sheehan who gave me some advice on how to stand and to stop fidgeting and also how to hold my head so I wasn’t singing just to the ground, I also talked to Nigel who worked with me for voice and gave me tips on how to look after my voice and how to stop my eyes from darting around by focusing my energy on an object and to aim all my emotions towards that. “Doll’s House” was a problem at first because of energy and emotion, I fixed this by building the character at home and watching how other actresses portrayed the scene and doing each line differently each time until the character found it comfortable.









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