U8 Task 9 – Performance

First piece

The title of the piece is “Martha’s Harbour”, the painting that has inspired this piece was “Poole Harbour” by Philip Wilson Steer. The painting was painted in 1890 and the song “Martha’s Harbour” came out nearly a century later coming out in 1980’s and performed by the band “All About Eve”. This is a song about a woman who is waiting for someone to come home while looking out at the harbour, while singing about her dream to go and see what the world is like.


Second Piece

The other performance I did was “Dolls House” written by Henrik Ibsen and published in 1879 and performed the same year. The painting that was used was “Seperation” by Edvard Munch which shows a man clutching at his heart as a woman walks away from him, the piece was painted in 1896 and is part of the symbolism although the artist was greatly influenced by Expressionism as well. The scene I was asked to do alongside Karolis was the last scene of “Doll’s House” when Nora leaves which is perfectly captured in this painting, Nora leaves because she feels as if her entire life she has been treated like a doll and wants to break out of that vicious cycle. This piece was unfortunately not captured on camera due to problems with the camera.



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