Unit 5 & 6 Task 3 – Final Idea & Further Research

I was cast to do a Juno monologue that I have to write myself, it is inspired by the film Juno and the monologue is what happens a year after Juno gives birth to her son and gives him up to Vanessa the adoptive mother. This is a solo scene that I will be performing it is also an acting scene. The scene is Juno after a year when she gave up her son, she is now 17 and is still at school and has started up a band with her boyfriend Pauly Bleeker who also is the father of the baby she gave away, Vanessa has sent Juno a picture of her sons first birthday and Juno is feeling grief again for the fist time since she gave birth to and gave him away. This was my idea and I have looked at the film several times and taken notes down about Junos character and a few quotes so I can write the monologue to sound like her, she is very lazy with her speech and over uses the word magnificent and repeats the word right and like allot.

Websites I used to get extra research:

Praticelli, K (2007) Long-Term Issues for Birthmothers After Adoption. [online] Mental Help.net. Available at: https://www.mentalhelp.net/articles/long-term-issues-for-birthmothers-after-adoption/ [Accessed 11 Jan. 2017]

Dusky, L (2016) [Birth Mother] First Mother Forum: What Happens to women who give up their babies for adoption?. [online] firstmotherforum.com. Available at: http://www.firstmotherforum.com/2016/12/what-happens-to-women-who-give-up-their.html?m=1 [Accessed 11 Jan. 2017]

womans-health.co.uk, Teenage moms: feelings of loss and regret from giving up her child for adoption. [online] Available at: http://www.womens-health.co.uk/teenage-adoption.html [Accessed 11 Jan. 2017]


The other scene I was asked to do was a scene from the “Breakfast Club”, we have discussed what scene to do and we said we should do the “What’s that Ruckus” scene because everyone is present and it shows each characters personality well. I was also asked to do a scene with Eren Kucukkaramuklu, Sabrina Tiberi, Tom Foulger, Will Rice and Liam Swain so this piece is a group scene and it will be an acting scene and the scene is about the five students in Saturday detention and they all get to know one another, in this scene Johnny (Bender) has been put in a separate room because he keeps disturbing the other students he then crashes through the ceiling (which we have said that the audience would hear the crash off stage) of the library and the teacher hearing the noise goes to investigate and the students hide the fact that Johnny is back in the room by creating distractions. Chris Gray had the idea to do the “Breakfast Club” dance scene but because we already had so many dance scenes we were told to pick a scene from the film.

Websites I used for extra research:

shmoop.com, (2008) Allison Reynolds (Ally Sheedy) in the breakfast club, [online] Available at: http://www.shmoop.com/the-breakfast-club/allison.html [Accessed 16 Jan. 2017]

thebrekkyclub.weebly.com, Allison Reynolds- The Breakfast Club- Multimodal Study Guide. [online] Available at: http://thebrekkyclub.weebly.com/allison-reynolds.html [Accessed 16 Jan. 2017]

Another scene that I am participating in is a silent movie scene, the idea is a creature feature/ sci-fi short scene. The group consists of Ines Gomes, Tom Foulger, Justin Glenister, Liam Swain, Will Rice, Sabrina Tiberi, Eren Kucukkaramuklu, Ryan Smith, Karolis Vaitkevičius, Jessica Bellemy and Thalia Weavers in this entire scene and the scene will be an acting scene and what happens in the scene is, five Victorian explorers and a robot arrive at this new planet and start exploring it when four aliens approach them and start communicating, they then run off scared at a noise that the audience doesn’t hear and the scientists come face to face with a giant spider and start running away, they don’t succeed but the robot defeats the robot and go home with the aliens. This was a mix between two ideas that were Jessica Bellamys comedy black and white silent movie scene of “Jurassic Park” and Liam Swains creature feature idea, Jessica’s idea was originally to do a spin off of “Jurassic Park” and have everyone dressed in black and white and to have people run on with the speech signs for comedic effect while Liam’s idea was to use people to make the monsters body and legs to look like a spider.

We watched “A Trip To The Moon” to see what a silent movie would be like and how big the actions would have to be.





One thought on “Unit 5 & 6 Task 3 – Final Idea & Further Research”

  1. Task 3 further research – You tend to focus more on the ‘what’ than the ‘how’ or the ‘why’. For example you have noted two sources for further research on the Juno piece, but haven’t told us about what you found there or why it might be relevant. Likewise, you’ve posted the link to the old film, but haven’t said what you and the group thought might be useable or interesting from it – although you have taken a lot of time to list the cast for the piece when you could have said ‘the whole group’. Try to remember that what you are doing in the writing is showing evidence that learning is taking place – think what you can say that will show that you are discovering and how that might be useful.


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