Unit 7 Character and Voice

– We were put into partners and one was told to observe how one person talks and how the other acts and moves.

– Worked with accents, we picked a phrase and used different accents with it to explore our vocals.

– We exaggerated our walks so we could notice how different people walked then were asked to copy someone’s else’s.

– We were then asked to imagine we were someone else possibly in a different period etc and to be them while walking around the room.

– We were working on projection by pairing up and projecting our voices across the room at our partners.

– We did an exercise where we pushed air out if the way too make it look as if we were pushing something out of the way.

– We were working on voice and finding our voices in different parts of the head e.g throat and nose.

– Worked on the 7 levels of tension through tensing up on the floor and receiving numbers as examples of tension.

During this gap we were using the lessons to work on our first commission as it was drawing very close.

– We were asked to make a shape with our bodies and then were told to explain the situation and why we were like that.

– We were then asked to put a bunch of objects in a pile and to make a scene out of it.

– We did some warm ups that included being a puppet and cutting the strings off, power games.

– We worked on accents.

– We paired up and made up a language by using different parts of our mouths.

– Did an exercise where we were told to walk in a specific depending on whats happened or what’s happened.

– Worked on creating a character through a short excerpt of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”

– Were given stereotypes and had to perform them for the class and we had to guess which stereotype we were.

– We were given a piece of paper that had about 10 words on it, we had to make a scene using these words in alternating order.

– We were asked to go away in groups and find improve games to lead too the class.

– Worked on what it means to be a good director.