Unit 7 Improvisation

– We played a team building exercise called 21 to get used to working as a team.

– We then played freeze to start practicing for improv

– Played a warm up game where we had to get from one end of the room to the other without losing contact with anyone.

– We had to make games using objects that were given to us in groups.

– We talked about how our names sound.

– We had to make up a drink and it’s name along with it.

– Making a short scene where we were given a topic to work with.

– We were working with inanimate objects and had to make a scene with our chosen place (for example a fruit bowl).

– We were still working with inanimate objects and we had moved onto creating a group scene with a fridge.

During this gap we were using Erica’s session to make props for our first commission, then during the Inspired by Film commission we used the time to rehearse and discuss the commission.

– We played a series of improvisation games