Task 7 – Work In Progress Evaluation

For task 6 we performed our “Magic Paintbrush” performance. I thought that the transactions between each scene were done really well, no one left the stage empty and the performance moved smoothly. However we did find it a bit odd at first because we had turned the stage around we managed to overcome this obstacle though buy working around it, if we went off stage on the wrong side we would come back on stage and resume our proper positions without being seen or noticed. Also entering and exiting stage I thought was done brilliantly, we entered with a purpose and we left neatly but in a creative way. We also kept our movements big and over exaggerated like a story book because our target audience is all ages which means we have to make the speech and movements appropriate for young children also we have to be seen by a distance, there would be no point in doing a tiny movement because half the audience will not see it. We  were also told that because we started with a song that gave the piece so much energy we mustn’t lose that other wise we lose the audience which we can’t do because then we will have no one to perform to. We also had a bit of trouble with the fabric for the dream sequence when we do the scene for the school and the street fair we need to make sure its unfolded so we can pick it up so there isn’t a big pause where the fabric is supposed to go across, we also have to do that so the part doesn’t look messy if we make it look messy then the scene will lose it’s magic touch and ruin the feeling.

When we performed we also had to speak clearly so again people at the back of the crowd can hear us loud and clear, we also have to speak quite slowly so if someone can’t hear us they might be able to make out what we are saying if we don’t make the words bold then the audience will lose focus so we need to keep the volume and enthusiasm big. Someone said if you need to say something in the performance say it don’t half say it project it as much as you need to so everyone can hear. However the audience were impressed with how each character had their own voice but again we need to project them more because if we took away the voice and used our normal voices we wouldn’t be the character anymore.

Each character was unique and I think that we all stuck to our individual characters really well even the workers in the rice field had character which made the scene more alive than it already was. Ma Liung (Ryan) kept his character and kept the childish side of the character while also showing that he was intelligent and had a kind heart. The rest of the cast played each role very well and you could tell that we all knew a backstory and why we were in the fields which made it more realistic and less forced it kept the story going well.



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