21st March 2017

During our directed session I caught up on blogs and looked over a script that Gary had given us. During our self directed session our group for Gary’s class met up and rehearsed, however this was cut short because Liam, who is our director for the piece, was called into the office which left us to our own devices. Me and Eren reads through the script as we don’t have much blocking besides from sitting, the rest of the group read through there lines but didn’t do much with blocking.

In Lynns session we discussed the commission and what we need to write. I found this session very informative and it has made me realise that I need to go back on my work and edit a few things. After that we went away and did some research, I looked at Marthas harbour to see whether I could confirm what the song is saying, unfortunately I found nothing that gave me a solid answer but I did find out that the song is Celtic based and gave me a few ideas for costume.


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